Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gettin’ lucky, gettin’ clean

Well, it wasn’t the Millionaire Lottery, or the Breakfast Television $100,000 phone call (yet), but I did get a small win this week: I rolled up the rim and WON an x-large coffee! I’ll be getting a hot chocolate of course because me & the beans don’t get along.
What’s amusing is that I’ve actually been on quite the little Timmy Ho’s binge in the last two weeks while Roll up the Rim has been going on, and this was the first cup out of four this week that I’ve actually remembered to check for a winning rim. So I could have been the winner of any of these treatsies - but I’m quite content with my coffee.
And now on to reality… we continue our journey towards responsible adulthood in this household. In recognition of our limitations, we’ve decided to cancel our housekeepers biweekly visit, and save the money for other things (like our higher rent and utility bills, for example). It’s not a 100% for-sure decision yet, because we’d really like to not live in a hovel and neither of us are very good about being consistent with the chores. However, at the close of this week I can proudly announce that both of us did our assigned chores without nagging or (to my knowledge) any whining or procrastinating.
When I was a young girl my mother had a list of chores that we had to choose from and complete in order to get an allowance. My father’s approach (different house) was similar although I don’t think he ever wrote down the chores on a list, not being a list-making kind of guy. My brother and I were horrendous whiners whenever it came to doing chores. From what I can tell of Artos’ upbringing, he and his brother were similarly tasked with cleaning assignments but I don’t get the same flavour of whining when I listen to his stories (probably because his parents wouldn’t put up with that sort of crap).
Our challenge as co-habiting, reproducing, married adults is to blend our cleaning styles and come up with something that will work for us for the long term. So far any attempts at schedules, charts, lists etc. tend to get ignored after a honeymoon period of two or three weeks… hence why we got the cleaners in the first place. But now the cleaners are gone and we are back at the puzzle.
So, my dear readers, I put this question out to you: what are your weekly/bi-weekly household cleaning routines?
Do you have a chores schedule? Is there a day of the week you do your disinfecting and another day for vacuuming? Do you assign specific tasks to people, or make a to-do list and work on it together? Do you have any tricks to make cleaning faster or easier? Share share!

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