Tuesday, 22 December 2015

7 Link Blog Challenge


I was challenged to do this by Dee Dwawber from www.deedawber.com and decided I had nothing to lose so here goes.
1.   Most helpful post – Overcome Writer’s Block and Overcome Writer’s Block Contd.  These 2 posts are all about how to overcome Writer’s Block, the first gives reasons why you can get hit with Writer’s Block and the second gives suggested ways to overcome it.
2.   Most Beautiful Post – What Do All Successful People Have In Common? This post has not been published yet it is scheduled for a few days time.  It lists a series of things that all those who are successful in what they do have in common.  They can be Online of Offline the same reasons apply.
3.   Most Popular Post – How To Write Quickly.  This post gave ways of speeding up your writing in particular using voice to text software and has had the most comments to date on this blog.
4.   Most Controversal Post – Why Spend Your Time Writing Articles?   This post had some questions in the comments as to why I suggested one type of headline was better than another.
5.   Favourite Post - My Progress Update 2.  This is my favourite because I was able to report my list reaching 70 and also making my first income from JV Giveaways.
6.   Post That Most Surprised You – Why I hate Flat Pack Furniture.  This post surprised me because when I sat down to write a post for the blog it just appeared out of the blue and it was not my intention to write about this topic at all.  I had intended to write about another entirely different topic.
7.   Post You Are Most Proud Of – Web Video Mastery.  I have selected this post as the one I am most proud of as I had most of it written before the course went live and only had to make minor changes to it once WVM was released to the IBCX course members.

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