Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Alex Jeffreys New Coaching Program MWA 3.0

Alex Jeffreys has released his new coaching program and it is selling fast.  At the time of writing over 50% of the spaces have already been taken.


This will be his last live coaching for a few years and is even better value than his previous coaching programs.   In the live sessions he will not only teach you how to get started on the internet he will also help you to set up your business so that you are making an income before the end of the coaching program.
Alex intends to spend six months touring the world once the coaching has finished and from what he has said this is the best coaching he has ever done.  He has improved on his last coaching sessions tremendously.
This video comes with my highest recommendation and you can check it out here,
The video when first uploaded kept crashing due to the crazy demand it just wouldn’t load, serious we’re talking tens of thousands of people have already lined up to watch this video, and the truth is…the video is going to shut down very soon, before most ever watch it.  I recommmend that you watch it right away before its gone for good.
It’s happening now. there is mad chaos online over this video and you need to hustle fast to watch it,
Thousands of people are trying to access it as I write this, and you can imagine now… once the word get’s out that its finally online ready to watch, I don’t know what will happen?
Spots for this kind of stuff go fast and this is the 3rd and FINAL LIVE TRAINING of Alex’s now-notorious Marketing With Alex Coaching program.  If you don’t have the chance to watch this video right now away, I’m sorry it’s going to be to late and by the time you come back this video would have already been removed offline … and the live coaching will be closed for ever.  Alex will probably do more coaching in the future but it will be by recorded webinar sessions rather than live.
Watch it now and if you sign up after watching it through my link I will give you the following bonuses:
1. Once I have been told that you have signed up I will immediately email you a copy of my Ebook “Richard Moloney and The Millionaires Code” which is being sold for $97 as a free bonus.
2.  I will also give you a cash payment of $200 once the 60 day refund period has expired this will be paid directly to your paypal account.


This is a new product from GVO and will go into pre launch on 8th September.
Do you wish to hold your own webinars but can’t afford the fees currently being charged by webinar companies?  GVO Conference will be in direct competition with the likes of Go To Meeting, Go To Webinar, and all other Internet conference programs.
The price has not yet been released but Joen has said that it will be affordable for everyone.
What will you get?  A 500 seat conference room with full facilities.  I.E. slide presentations, desktop sharing, a chat box, the ability to have voice conversions with anyone who is logged in, you can require those coming into the room to enter a password to stop gate crashers if you wish.
To check out GVO and what they offer with their Titanium package, Unlimited hosting, an autoresponder with up to 20,000 names, video hosting, a video producing package, a 10 seat conference room etc.all this and more for $44.95 per month.

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