Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Article Submission Update


After much gentle persuasion I submitted my first articles to Ezine articles for publication.
The first article I submitted was about Diabetes and it was totally rejected as their automatic software said it was too similar to an existing article on their site.  This similarity did not surprise me as there are only certain ways to impart the information about Diabetes and there is bound to be some similarity.
That article I just deleted as I felt it would not be worth the time in trying to change it.
I then submitted 3 more articles on article writing which passed the automatic software and went into the system for review.  About 7 – 10 days later I received 3 emails from Ezine articles saying that there was a problem and each article was on hold.  The email did not give any details of what the problem was it just said to contact them.
I contacted Ezine articles about each article and about 7 days later received a reply relating to one of them to say that I referred to PLR material and had also mentioned you could use an affiliate link in the resource box if you did not have a product of your own to promote.  They said they did not allow this in their articles.
I revised that article to remove the PLR and affiliate link mentions from it and resubmitted the amended version.  I am still waiting for them to reply as to whether they are going to accept it or not.
I have not had anything back to say what the problem was with the other 2 articles.  I did review them myself to ensure there was no reference to PLR or Affiliate links in them and resubmitted them.
It is now nearly a month since I first submitted the 3 articles on article writing and I have no idea as to when or if Ezine articles will publish them.
I was in London for the weekend and met up  with Max Alter (a fellow member of IBCX) on Saturday evening and during our discussion I mentioned the above to him.  Max suggested submitting the articles to other article directories who have different rules to those of Ezine articles.  This I will do this week and I’ll see what happens with them.
This whole saga with Ezine articles has nearly put me off writing articles altogether but I’ll wait and see what the other sites reply before quitting article writing completely.  I will post any future articles here on the blog so that you can see them even if I do not submit them to the article directories.



To do this you have to follow the process as shown below and be patient.  It takes time for you to have your articles submitted, read and the links followed.  Let’s assume you are in the “fishing from a beach” niche.
  1. Write 5 articles about fishing from a beach.
  2. Prepare your resource box with your name, your autoresponder link so that they can sign up for your course on fishing from a beach.
Your link takes the readers to your sales page for a product you have previously selected from Amazon or Clickbank relating to the fishing from a beach niche.
When you write your autoresponder series ensure you include links to other products for people to buy.  These can be links to your own products or affiliate links to products from other people for whom you are an affiliate.
When other people promote your articles your name ends up in numerous search engine results thus giving you loads of free advertising and an even better search engine position.
Don’t forget to submit your articles to the article directories as no submission = no readers and thus no income from them.
Try and go for 2 tier affiliate programs if possible as those who sign up through your link will bring more people in to promote the product and earn you commission from their efforts as well as your own efforts.
Pick another sub niche in the main fishing niche with another product and repeat the above tactics to increase your earnings.  You can do this with a number of sub niches and your name will become known as giving away good information across the Internet.
If you wish to enter a totally different niche then change your name slightly as otherwise you could become known as a jack of all trades and master of none.  E.g.  If I used Richard Moloney initally I could change that to R. Moloney for the second niche and R.M. Moloney for a third niche.
I have heard of marketers who have used aliases that bear no relationship to their real name at all but this is not something I would recommend.
Other ways of earning from your articles include the following:
  • Affiliate programs
  • Converting your articles into an ebook to sell or giveaway to build your list.
  • Getting ezine publishers to include your articles in their publication
The following are just a few of the many article directories available to submit your articles to:
  • Ezine Articles http://ezinearticles.com
  • Go Articles http://goarticles.com
  • Article City http://articlecity.com who also have a video section to submit your videos to.
  • Isnare http://isnare.com who also operate a paid for article distribution service.
  • Yahoo Groups also have a number of groups for article submission.

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