Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Article Writing

Article writing is one of the free methods you can use to get traffic to your blog or website.
I don’t believe it to be as effective today as it used to be.
Very simple as more and more marketers write and publish articles to the article directory sites your article can be lost in the thousands of other articles published.  You need to select your keywords carefully to get the most visitors from the search facilities on the article directories as you can.
Some or all of the top marketers either employ a member of staff, or outsource, to get their articles written and published so if you are only starting out you have a load of competition. Competition in itself is not a bad thing as it tells you there is a market in your niche.  If there is no competition then it is very possible that others have already tried your niche and not made anything from it.
If you can afford to outsource your article writing you will have more time to devote to other more lucrative aspects of your business.  Time spent writing articles is not wasted as you can combine the articles (on the same subject) into an ebook which can then be used to build your mailing list by giving it away.
You have to make your articles stand out from the crowd by selecting a great title, and following it up with excellent information in the body of the article.
A quicker way of producing articles is to use PLR material.  DO NOT USE IT AS IS.  You need to change the PLR to make it unique and sound like YOU.  By editing and if needs be rewriting the PLR material you have your own product and are not just sending out the same rubbish as most people do.
This will enhance your reputation and when you publish more articles on the subject your readers will be more inclined to read them.  If you do not edit or rewrite if needed you will get a reputation of just publishing the same old stuff that everyone else publishes.
Some PLR is out of date when it is released as it may have been written some years ago and the Internet and markets have changed since it was first written.
An example of this is that before PDF’s came along all ebooks were published as .exe files so that they could be read on any computer with any operating system.  If you get an ebook in .exe file type it was probably written 6 or more years ago and may be obsolete for today’s market.



The main reason marketers write articles is to earn from them.  To do this your articles need to be good quality and helpful to the readers.
Articles are used to generate free traffic to your website where you are selling something.  Or to an affiliate site that you are promoting.  They are also used to provide content for a basic adsense site and by combining several articles together you can quickly create your own ebooks to give away or sell.  You can even sell resell rights to these ebooks.
With ebooks people want fast facts and information they do not want a load of fluff which is just used to pad out the information.  Your goal is to provide easy to understand information.  You should be brief and to the point in your articles for the Internet.
If for example you are in the Golf niche you can find a good item on Clickbank, do a search for Golf Forums and see what questions are being asked.  Write your articles in response to these questions and post your affiliate link in the resource box for that product.
You can also look on the likes of Ezine Articles for articles on your subject and use the information in those articles to help you write your own.
It is critically important you do not copy the wording in another article as this is illegal.  What you can do is use the theme as a guide to writing the same information in your own words.  The wording is copyright but the idea is not.
Groups.google.com is another place where you can find a list of frequently asked questions about your niche and is another source of information you should use.  DO NOT state the very obvious.  E.g. if you are telling someone about golf don’t tell them to go out and look for a golf course.  It is obvious if they want to play golf they have to find a course first.
Your Article Title is very important as this is the first thing people will see when they come to your article.  I would say it is probably the most important part of your article.  If the title is poor then people will not be inclined to read your article.
You need to have a title that stands out from the crowd.
5 Tips For Great Article Writing is better than Article Writing Made Easy.
I consider both to be good headlines but the first one will attract more readers than the second one, and that is what you want as many readers as you can get.
Before publishing your article you must edit it.  You do this to correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the article.  It is also important to proof read the article to ensure it makes sense.  Proof reading your own work is difficult as you know what you meant to say and can easily skip over some errors.  If possible get someone else to proof read for you as they will pick up errors you miss.

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