Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to Write Quickly

How to write quickly? That is the question we all ask ourselves as we spend our time writing blog posts, articles, sales pages, ebooks, optin pages etc. etc. etc.
There is a way in which we can write much more quickly than the old-fashioned ways such as pen & paper, typing and I don’t mean outsourcing.
Before I let you into the secret, you need to do some preparation. Do you know what you want to write about? What is the topic and how well do you know it?
Before you start writing, do your research and find out everything you want to include in your post, article or whatever you are going to write.
You do not need to know every single detail about the subject but you do need a working knowledge of it.
By spending some time visiting forums relating to your topic you will find out what people are looking for, and who knows, you may already know the answers to their questions. If you don’t know the answers already, further research will reveal them. Moreover, you will then be able to write about the solutions to people’s problems.
It is important that you do not just copy what other people have said but rather put it into your own words with your own interpretation as otherwise you will face the consequences of plagiarism.
By using your own words, you will appear as an expert rather than just copying someone else. The language will be more natural to you and will therefore flow more fluidly.
The old saying KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) comes into play as well so don’t over complicate the information. If you do people reading, will lose interest and may not want to get your product as a result. You need to keep their interest right to the end.
By complicating everything, you make it harder for yourself to write. You can also make errors that someone who is more knowledgeable than yourself on the subject, will pick up easily. You may well also get negative feedback to your detriment. By keeping it simple, you will find it easier to write about the topic and will not be as liable to make basic mistakes.
Write as if you were speaking to someone about the topic and your words will show your interest in the subject to your readers.
Now how to speed up the process.
Use speech recognition software so that you just say what you want and your computer automatically types it up for you. I hear you ask where do I get speech recognition software? The answer is simple and you do not have to spend anything.
If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 then it is just a matter of setting up the built in speech recognition system that comes as part of those operating systems.
My Computer operates Windows Vista and to find the speech recognition system I click on Start then click All Programs then click Accessories then click Ease of Access and finally click Windows Speech Recognition. The speech recognition program opens and you then set it up with your microphone or headset and away you go.
In the early stages of using the speech recognition program, until the computer is used to your voice, it may type spurious words and spelling so make sure you read the written document and run a spell and grammar checker over it before publishing.
Don’t forget once published your reputation is on the line and if you publish rubbish your reputation will also be rubbished. Make sure everything is right, that there are no obvious typing mistakes that the grammar is correct and one thing I consider to be important is that the spelling of the word relates to what is being said.
E.g. using their instead of there or they’re all of which sound the same but mean different things. Another example is to, too, or two. So as you see these are important to check to ensure your document uses the right words and reads correctly.

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